Love & Lingerie

Love and lingerie: they’re a perfect pair. You might think lust and lingerie is a more common pair, but lingerie is much more than a lust accelerator. While sexy and lacy items tucked in your drawers do inspire excitement, lingerie supports the deeper aspects of love, too.

There are many variations of love. The first and most important facet of love is self love. That includes knowing yourself, your skin, and the curves you were born with. Wearing lingerie is one of the best ways to adorn and honor yourself. Whether you wear lingerie for a partner or in the privacy of your own home, with a glass of wine, you will feel more connected to yourself. When you choose to wear something daring, it sends  a message that you are worthy of desire. That message makes you more confident and  more present, in life and in the bedroom.

One of the most treasured variations of love is the act of making love. Lingerie has long been associated with sex, lust and lovemaking. Why is that? While the act of love is a physical connection, it can also be a very visual and emotional connection. Lingerie heightens the act of sex because it slows both partners down as they focus on the visual aspects of sex. Instead of flipping the switch and hopping into the sheets in a dark room, you and your lover are invited to pause, take a breath, and look. Your partner is given an eyeful of beautiful silk and daring lines, textures and colors that are brand new and maybe even naughty. There is a vulnerability in slowing down, using your eyes, as well as your sense of touch. And when you add vulnerability into any relationship, trust and a deeper connection can be felt.

There’s a reason lingerie sales spike around Valentine’s day. It’s the day many long-lasting couples are reminded to take a day to cherish their relationship. Lingerie has become symbolic of adding “spice” to a relationship, and there is a good reason for this. Not only does a gorgeous, sheer nightgown send a message to your lover that you want to connect physically, it also sends a message that you still care about your union. It sends a message that even if you feel a little nervous, you are willing to take a risk. Lingerie can keep sparks of romance going long after the honeymoon.

It can be easy to overlook lingerie as just a frilly object of lust. Don’t underestimate the power of wearing seductive sexy and surprising, lingerie. It can be a bridge to deep communication of emotion, vulnerability, and love. When you make those connections the end result is often a very lustful and satisfying experience.

With love,