Gentlemen's Guide

We commend you for choosing our boutique which caters to that strong, sexy woman like yours. She is beautiful but has no idea exactly how beautiful she is. You love the delicate curve of her neck and the intoxicating sound of her voice. She deserves to be adorned with luxurious fabrics as beautiful and refined as her. We hope our lingerie and sensual loungewear will inspire moments of fantasy and intimacy. Allow us to help you make the best selection for your love. Welcome to our Gentlemen’s Guide.

Step One: Find the Perfect Fit

Ask Her! – We don’t know a woman who wouldn’t love lingerie. Have a conversation with her about what size she is and what she likes.

Be Sneaky – Maybe you get home early or you pick up her bra after a steamy love-making session. You can use this as an opportunity to take a peek at her bra and underwear size.

Step Two: Set the Mood

What mood do you want to set for the night? If you're thinking of a night of passion, we would suggest red. The color red is strong and also stimulating. If you're thinking of an evening filled with flirtatious play, we would recommend a variation of pink or another bright and lively color. Keep in mind that nothing says timeless and inviting like the color black. You can never go wrong with classic black lingerie.

Different fabrics can also bring about different feelings for a woman as well. For example, lace is feminine and, of course, seductive. Yet, leather is powerful, strong and daring. This is adventurous for some women, so make sure this is something that falls within her tastes. While sheer and mesh fabrics are both provocative and eye-catching, this would be the perfect match for a woman who loves the feeling lace gives her but also appropriate for a woman who might be too shy for the daring side of leather lingerie.

Step Three: Think Beyond

Loungewear. Don’t just limit yourself to bras and underwear. There are also great options like teddies, chemises, or pajama sets that can help you set the mood as well.

Bodysuits. They’re versatile and can be worn to bed or paired with nice skinny jeans. After an unforgettable night out, it won’t be necessary to rush and “put something sexy” on for you, because she’ll already be dressed for the occasion.

Pro Tips

Ladies First. Shop for her preferences first, then yours. By keeping her in mind, you’ll never go wrong. When a woman feels beautiful, confident, and desirable, she’s more likely to skip the bed and meet you at the door.

Uncertain? Play it safe. It’s easier to pick a timeless and classic piece like a black lace set than it is for a leather bodysuit. You can always come back and buy more!

Ask for help. That’s why we’re here! We at Touche Moi are more than happy to help you find the prefect item for your significant other! If you find yourself doubtful and need assistance email us at